I'm Shuba Ravi, a UX designer based in Auckland, New Zealand, passionate about enhancing user experiences through technology. With a global background, including work experience in India, South Africa, and New Zealand, I've collaborated with diverse teams spanning continents, particularly India and the United States. My goal is to improve people's lives by minimizing challenges and making interactions with technology delightful. Employing both qualitative and quantitative research methods, such as usability tests, A/B tests, surveys, card sorts, and more, I bring a comprehensive approach to crafting user-centric designs. Beyond generating actionable insights, I specialize in applying these insights directly into designs and interactions. My collaborative approach extends to sharing these refined solutions with stakeholders and the team. 
Excitingly, I'm preparing to move to Sydney, Australia and am open to exploring new opportunities in this vibrant city. Let's connect and explore the possibilities of creating impactful, culturally diverse UX designs together!"

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